Membership Services

The AGC of Michigan offers a variety of services to our members. Check out the categories at the right for more detailed information on each area or reach out to the staff contact listed below for assistance.

In addition, members may choose to join one or more of AGC of Michigan's productive committees related to member service areas to help shape the services we provide.

Whatever your interest within the construction industry, AGC has a place for you to learn, influence, guide and grow!

Construction Leadership Council (CLC)  

Viki Gotts, Director Education - (248) 721-0075


Viki Gotts, Director Education - (248) 721-0075

Labor Relations

Scott Fisher, Vice President, Labor Relations Division, (517) 908-8054

Evelyn Buckelew, LRD Administrative Assistant, (517) 908-8057

Karen Kadlecsik, LRD Administrative Assistant, (517) 908-8060


Damian Hill, President, (517) 908-8051


Damian Hill, President, (517) 908-8051


Cathy Galbraith, Director, Communications & Marketing, (517) 908-8052


Paul Wrzesinski, Director, Safety & Health, (517) 908-8056

Workforce Development

Barb Strachan, Director, Workforce Development, (517) 908-8059

Membership Services

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