Membership: The Benefits

Membership in the Associated General Contractors of Michigan is a corporate membership which provides you with a wealth of information and resources to help you grow your business and become more profitable. The benefits you receive as a member of the AGC are designed to help you and your employees with expert advice, training and tools such as: 

 Advocacy Networking   Education  Money-saving
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AGC of America

As a member of the AGC of Michigan you & your employees are also a member of the Associated General Contractors of America. This gives you the benefit of AGC of America's 99 years of experience representing the interests of the construction industry. In addition, your membership in AGC of America provides you with a significant menu of products, services and features.

If you are interested in becoming a member of AGC of Michigan, contact either Michael Smith (248) 763-8520) or Cathy Galbraith (517) 371-1550 ext 8052.

Membership categories:  

Constructor - The Constructor Members of the Association shall be persons, firms and corporations engaged in the construction business as a developer-builder, design-builder, general contractor, prime contractor, trade contractor or construction manager (“Constructors”) for two or more years prior to application for membership and who, at the time of making application for membership in the Association, are engaged in the construction business in Michigan or maintain offices within Michigan. | Download an application

Visiting Constructor - Members of other AGC chapters outside of Michigan while engaged in construction work within Michigan may apply for membership as a Visiting Constructor Member. | Download an application

Reciprocal Constructor - A Reciprocal Constructor Member is a member of any other AGCA chapter with whom the Association has executed a Reciprocity Agreement who performs construction work within Michigan.

Constructor Associate - A Constructor Associate member is a subcontractor or specialty trade contractor. | Download an application

Professional Service Provider - The Professional Service Provider category includes all service providers to the industry such as law firms, accounting firms, consulting firms, architectural and design firms, etc. | Download an application

Supplier - Supplier members shall include various classes of firms, corporations and/or firms who are engaged in services, or which provide materials or equipment, or which are otherwise integral, vital and necessary to the construction industry in Michigan. | Download an application

Labor Relations Division Member Option - Any Member of the Association may, at their option, and subject to all terms and conditions as they apply to them, elect to become members of the “Labor Relations Division” of the Association, as more specifically described in Article VIII of the Association Bylaws. | Contact AGC MI for details

Additional memberships available include:

Sustaining - A professional service provider that provides service to a fringe benefit fund sponsored by the Association, usually domiciled outside of the State of Michigan. | Download an application

Educational - An accredited educational institution with construction management, engineering, or other construction-related degreed programs. | Contact AGC MI for an application

Construction Association - Other construction associations who are engaged in building or other construction work within Michigan, who are not otherwise eligible for membership in the Association. | Contact AGC MI for an application

Graduate Associate - For individuals who are graduates of a Michigan college or university who, prior to their graduation, were members in good standing of an AGC Student Chapter or who are otherwise affiliated with our industry. | Download an application





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